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Anxiety is a joy thief and dream killer. It's time to release the grip it has on your life. Let us show you how. Enter your email and get access to this premium video series for free on August 8th.

Free 3-Part Training

You should attend if

  • Anxiety paralyzes you, robbing you of your joy, curiosity, and vitality.

  • You’re losing your future by missing out on opportunities because of anxiety..

  • You struggle to be truly authentic with people and it stops you from building meaningful relationships

  • It prevents you from making more money and getting the freedom you want.

  • You’re f*cking fed up with the chokehold anxiety has on your life and emotions…

  • It blocks you from fully supporting your family & friends, and giving your love.

  • The fear of failure shuts off your productivity and creative expression.

What's Inside

Video 1:
3 Traps Keeping You Stuck in Anxous Loops

What is anxiety? What keeps us stuck? How can I overcome "mind blank" in conversations?

Video 2:
Learning To Walk The Path of Mastery

What's the biggest mistake people make? What's the holistic approach to healing anxiety?

Video 3:
Jon's System For Healing Anxiety

How to transform anxiety into fuel for personal growth? What is the step-by-step process?


Jon Brooks

Jon Brooks is an Anxiety Educator and the Creative Director of HighExistence. His anxious younger self would say you are crazy if you told him he’s delivered workshops to thousands of people across continents, recorded anxiety meditations that have accumulated tens of thousands of listeners, reached over 1 million readers with his writing. He wants you to know you’re not alone and that it’s possible. It’s possible to reclaim today’s joy and tomorrow’s potential that lives on the other side of anxiety.

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